Adam Dosier

Other Spellings at this Time were Dozier and Dozer
Born October 27, 1759
Married Christine Arbaugh (Urback) on September 9, 1785 in Virginia
Died October 6, 1841

Adam Dosier served in the Continental Army for 7 years under George Washington.

He was also bonded to Patrick Henry:

"Known all men by these present that we, Daniel Baker & Adam Doser, are held and firmly bound unto his excellency Patrick Henry, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia & His successors in the penal sum of fifty pounds current money to which payment will & truly to be made to his excellency the governor & his successors we bind ourselves over & each of our heirs, executors & administrators jointly and severally or severally firmly. By these presents sealed with out seals and dated this 9th day of September 1785

The condition of the above obligation is such that wheras I, John Williams, Clerk of the County Court of Shannando, hath this day issued license for the marriage of the above bound Adam Dosier & Christine Urback, spinster of the said county. If therefore there is no lawfull cause to obstruct the said marriage & that no damage accrue by means of the said license being issued than the above obligation to be paid otherwise to remiain in full force & virtue.

September 7, 1785"

(signed by bride & groom's fathers and mothers)

The above was translated from German to English


Adam Jr.
Married Susan Hadden on 3/13/1820

Born 1788

Married Harry Sumpter on 5/30/1820



Married John Barbre

Married Tabitha Madden