Edward Readman

Birth: 1770 in Ireland
Death: 6 JUN 1831

He first married "Hannah"

Later Married Mary MORAN and had the following children:

Joseph (Joel)(Jose) REDMAN (READMAN) b: 1803 in England
Anna REDMAN (READMAN) b: 25 AUG 1804
Edward REDMAN Jr. (READMAN) b: 27 APR 1807 (Married Anna Pickles 9-9-1826 in Mt. Vernon)
Mary Ann REDMAN (READMAN) b: 1807 in England (Married Zenoir Mills on 4-3-1826)
David REDMAN (READMAN) b: 1810 in England (Married Maria Givens in April of 1830; Second Marriage to Elizabeth Knight)
Martha REDMAN (READMAN) b: 25 APR 1815
Elli REDMAN (READMAN) b: 6 AUG 1816

He moved to England from Ireland in 1780. In 1815 the family moved to North Carolina and in 1820, to Posey County, IN