Samuel Edward Bottomley

Born c1808 likely in Holts, Lancashire, England
Married Sarah Shaw on May 14, 1836 in Campbell Co. KY*
Died February 1, 1864 (or possibly 1869?) Buried in Upton, Posey County, Indiana ?
See 1860 Census Image and 1850 Census Data regarding Samuel Bottomley and family


Mary born about 1836
Eliza (D. or A.) born about 1842
James Monroe
born Dec. 6, 1842
Nancy Jane born 1853; Died Jan. 31, 1875 See Tombstone
William born about 1853
Sarah born about 1846
(possibly another Sarah born about 1856)
Lydia ?
Robert ?
Emily ?

Nancy Jane Bottomley married Niel Castiller who was raised by James Monroe Bottomley.
Belle McFaddin, mother of George P. and Albert McFadden, was a cousin of James Monroe Bottomley.

According to Posey County, Indiana Probate records, in 1865, upon the death of Sarah (Shaw) Bottomley, custody of the William, Nancy Jane, and Sarah (children) was appointed to Sarah Bottomley, apparently referring to the Sarah born in 1846.

Samuel Bottomley is found in the 1842 Indiana Land Tax Poll. It states that Samuel Bottomley (taken in Poll #1) owns 80 acres of land in Section 1, Township 7 (Black Twp.), Range 14. Please see map here.

Samuel Bottomley is also found in the 1844 Tax List of Posey County.

*Source: Marriages of Campbell, Boone and Kenton Counties, Kentucky, 1795-1850 Surnames A to D; Page 27
"BOTTOMLEY, Samuel & Sarah SHAW, 14 May 1836, m by HJP, b James Barker, Campbell Co., KY"

1850 Census Data (taken from book at Alexandrian Public Library, Mt. Vernon, Indiana):
#475 Bottomley, Samuel: Age 40, Male, Farmer, born in England
Sarah: Age 30, Female, born in England
Mary: Age 14, Female, born in Kentucky
Eliza A.: Age 8, Female, born in Tennessee
James: Age 6, Male, born in Indiana
Sarah, Age 5, Female, born in Indiana
Nancy, Age 1, Female, born in Indiana

See this detailed research report prepared by Genealogist Jane Wolsey in Britain in Dec 2012.

Also from Geneologist Jane Wolsey: "I was so glad I was able to help you in your search for knowledge about where your ancestors had come from / their backgrounds. One thing I would say about your family is that they were obviously an intelligent, educated family. We know this from the fact that Samuel Bottomley (in England) [Samuel Edward Bottomley's great nephew] was a literate man with a good command of English (his letters). Given that he was born in 1841, at a time when many children attended schools in a very ad hoc fashion - some not at all and others only for a few years, Samuel was not the norm for a working man. At that time in Lancashire, children were widely used to provide cheap labour in the factories and politicians were anxious not to upset their wealthy factory owning friends by making education compulsory. This did not happen until 1870. As a result, a vast majority of the working population born prior to 1870 grew up illiterate. I would say, based on the family's Methodist faith, that the children probably attended a special Sunday School where they received instruction in reading and writing as well as bible studies. Many Methodist families, as well, tended to be the kind of people who thought 'outside the box' - critically questioning the Church of England and its teachings. This is a main reason why so many Non Conformists emigrated to the US in the 1600s/1700s - because they were being persecuted for their critical questioning and following faiths that were considered 'immoral' and unlawful. A large number of the early religious reformers were imprisoned and those who were not fled to the US. They wanted to be able to practice their faith without fear of persecution. They also held education in high regard with many wives also involved in helping their children learn to read/write. The Methodist faith was much more widely accepted by the time Samuel Edward emigrated to the US but many Methodists (and people of other faiths including Irish Catholics) still emigrated - often joining communites of the same religious denomination who had emigrated decades and even centuries earlier. Many educated later emigrants were particularly drawn by the opportunites for owning their own homes/land which the majority had little chance of doing in England and Ireland."

Born 1810 in Ashley, England ?
Came from England to New Orleans between March and April 1843 ?

Upon the death of Samuel Bottomley at age 59, 4 years after the death of his wife Sarah at age 45, their daughter also named Sarah was made Guardian of William, Nancy Jane, and Lydia Bottomley (her younger sisters and brother). ?