Heavy Equipment

Case 1455B Crawler/Loader

In 2010 I purchased a 1985 Case 1455B Crawler/Loader with a 4-in-1 bucket to build the driveway and clear a home site on our 14 acre lot, where we ended up building a home in 2012. I've been extremely impressed with this 40,000lb. machine, with a lift capacity of 10,000lbs. I was able to uproot and carry fairly large trees with it, building the driveway and home site with relative ease. I did manage to get it stuck once, which was fun. The 4-in-1 bucket is awesome- allowing it to push like a dozer, pick/up grasp like a claw, scoop like a loader, and backdrag. It was actually cheaper to purchase this machine and do it myself than to pay a professional to do the job. Plus it was a LOT more fun!


CAT 426 Backhoe

On multiple occassions, I've rented my friend's CAT 426 Backhoe and operated it to perform a number of taks on our land including trenching, falling trees, moving downed trees, pulling logs, moving dirt, leveling/digging, and much more. The below image is not the exact backhoe, but it's the same make/model.

Kubota BX25 Tractor

In 2012, I purchased a Kubota BX25 tractor with backhoe, front end loader, and mid-mount-mower. I also added a 4' box blade from Rural King. Thus far I am extremely impressed with the BX25 and all components. It's an amazing machine!

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