Home Construction

In 2012, we embarked on a project nearly 6 years in the making. Our 14 acre lot, which was purchased in January 2007, was purchased with the intent of eventually buidling a home on it. By the time we had our ducks in a row and planned to build, the economy crashed and banks tightened up. I discovered that only about 10% of banks offered home construction loans, and only 10% of them offered loans on 'acreage' i.e. over 5 acres. So it was exceedingly difficult to find the right combination. Finally, in 2012 the stars aligned and we began construction of our home. You can watch the video below for the whole process. We settled on a modular home because the cost per square foot is much more competitive than building a traditional 'stick built' home- and they are much better built. We moved in Aug. 22, 2012, YAY!

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