Gertrude (Miller) Bottomley

Born March 13, 1881
Married March 25, 1900
Died October 25, 1964 in Deaconness Hospital in Evansville, Indiana
Buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Indiana Click to See Headstone
Cause of death was listed as cerebral hemmorage (Stroke)

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Seated: George, Gertrude, Oscar L.
Standing: James, Merle, Leonard, Milburn

According to Loretta Bottomley, she remembers that Gertrude always served cottage cheese and sour krout at every occassion, invariably, in addition to any other dishes she would prepare. Lana Heady and Margaret Bottomley recall that a family gathering at her house could be comared to "holding court" due to the size of the family.


Grace Irene
Born February 8, 1901
Died October 4, 1919
Never married. Grace's death was diagnosed as "tuberculosis of the bone" Oscar and George were driving a team of horses hitched to a wagon when they ran away. Grace, seeing this, ran out to stop them. She was knocked to the ground bruising her knee badly. Eventually they had to amputate her leg However, this did not save her life, and she died at the age of 18. She is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Milburn Winston
Born July 12, 1902
Married Kelley Gregory and moved to Fillmore, California where they had one son (Milburn Jr. who married Joanna ? (divorced) and live in Fillmore, CA) and daughter (Joan who married David Wright (divorced) and later married Russel C. Temple). Worked in oil fields.

Joan has two daughters from her marriage to David Wright: Kimberly and Denise.

Milburn Jr. has 3 children from his marriage to Joanna: James, Julie, and Jan.

George Wilford

Helen Lucille
Born July 12, 1905
Married Marvin Cooper and moved to Santa Barbara, California and had one son, James Marvin "Jimmy" Cooper who married Sue ? (divorced) and later married Janet Matlock. Lives in Prescott, Arizona.

James & Janet Cooper have one son: Jamie Cooper

Oscar Leeman
Born June 14, 1907
Married Loretta Otillia (Alles) and lived in Mt. Vernon, IN. Had a son (Richard Adam who married Suzanne Weiss and lives in Anderson, Indiana) and three daugters (Rita Ann who married John R. Watson and lives in Williamstown, Massachusetts) (Martha Jane who married Carlo V. Spataro and lives in Muskegon, Michigan) (Mary Katarin who married Alan E. Gumberts and lives in Lexington, Kentucky)

Richard & Suzanne Bottomley have 2 sons, Stephen Allen and David Carl, and one daughter, Elizabeth Anne.

John & Rita Ann Watson have 2 adopted children: Jeffery Randolph and Jody Ruth

Carlo & Martha Jane Spataro have 3 children: Carla Jane, Lawrence Oscar, and Angela Rose.

Alan & Mary K. Gumberts have 2 children: Katherine Louise and Nancy Jane.

Mary Rose
Born February 8, 1909
Married Cyrus McDowell (deceased) and moved to Dayton, Ohio and had two daughters (Patricia Rose who married Ronald Bocken and lives in Gas City, Indiana) (Sara Jane who married Eugene Rhoden and lives in Dayton, Ohio)

Ronald and Patricia Bocken have 3 children: Melony, Mindy, and Monte

Eugene and Sara Rhoden have 2 children: Tammy (from Sara's first marriage) and Chris

Leonard Earl
Born September 30, 1910
Leonard was married and divorced five times. Is now unmarried and lives in San Diego, California. No children.

Mildred Beatrice
Born August 23, 1913
Married Eugene W. Paxson and lives in Russellville, Alabama. Has 3 daughters (Carol Jean who married Bert Lindsey and lives in Florissant, Missouri) (Mary Jane who married to WB Norris and lives in Russelville, Alabama) (Pamela - unmarried)

Bert and Carol Lindsey have 3 sons: Alan, Craig, and David.

James Clarence
Born September 11, 1914
Married Lucille Johnson and lives in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Has 6 daughters (Donna Sue who married Roland Schut and lives in Carmel, California) (Helen Kay who married David Jean (divorced) and lives in Nashville, Tennesee) (Jamia Ann who married Clero Schmitt and lives in Evansville, Indiana) (Trudy who married John Pryor and lives in Athens, Ohio) (Cheryl who married Larry Rudisill and lives in Mt. Vernon, Indiana) (Michael - unmarried)

Roland & Donne Schut have 2 daughters: Aimee and Allison.

Helen Kay has one daughter from her marriage to David Jean: Dana Kaye

Clero and Jamia Schmitt have two sons: Charo and Eric.

Larry and Cheryl Rudisill have two sons: David and Mark.

Laura Frances
Born July 25, 1917
Married Charles "Curt" Huber and lives in Evansville, Indiana. Has one son and 2 daughters (Janet who married Richard Bador and lives in Evansville, Indiana) (Alan who married Christina ? and lives in Arlington, Massachusetts) (Kay who is unmarried in Evansville, Indiana)

Merle Harding
Born October 7, 1920
Married Pauline ? Later divorced. Had twin daughters (Sharon Ann who married David Rensberger and lives in New Haven, Connecticuit) (Shirlee Jean who married Israel Fajardo and lives in Madison, Wisconsin). Later married Marian Lucille Baugher who had 2 boys which Merle adopted (Michael Edward Bottomley who married Sandra Papezajnski and lives in Lakeville, Indiana) (David Allen Bottomley who is unmarried and lives in South Bend, Indiana). Merle and Marian had one son that died in infancy. Merle was a tank driver in Wold War II under General Patton.

Israel and Shirlee Jean Fajardo have one daughter: Tanya.

Michael & Sandra Bottomley have 3 children: Paul Allen, Jenifer Sue, and Susan Marie.