Mary Evelyn (Dixon) Ary

Born June 14, 1920 in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.
Married John Deforest Ary on September 15, 1939.
Died March 9, 2015 in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

First job was selling pencils door to door in 4th grade and everyone said she was a natural born sales person. Walked two miles to school in all kinds of weather. Enjoyed cross-word games, Scrabble, horse races......a swinging grandma! Started working sales at Sears in 1954, then JC Penny's. Started working Sep 1, 1971 at Finke's Furniture which became Kittle's Furniture, and retired from Kittle's Furniture on May 4, 1996. Got first computer at 81 years of age, took classes at Ivy Tech State College and still doesn't know how to type! :)

Her dad was a night watchman for a railroad which meant moving frequently. They moved to many Kentucky cities: first to Uniontown, then Sturgis, then Morganfield. Evelyn attended grades 1-3 in Sturgis, grades 4-8 in Morganfield, then Grove Center High School in Grove Center, Kentucky.

Lived on Allen's Lane in Evansville, Indiana in 1944.
Moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 1945.
Moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1946.
Moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1946.
Moved back to Evansville on Indiana Street in 1947.
Moved to 4619 Pollack Ave. in 1948.
Then built a house on 4615 Pollack Ave.

Charles Ronald Ary was born February 8, 1941.
Ron married Judy Kay Browder in 1963.
Ronny Lee Ary was born May 10, 1966. Died in car accident on September 19, 1987.
Richard Lee Ary was born November 27, 1968.
Patricia "Tricia" Lynn Ary was born April 1, 1972.

Janis Marie Ary was born July 11, 1946

Don Deforest Ary was born July 14, 1954.
Don married Diane Stepro in 1971; Divorced in 1987.
John Clinton Ary was born July 5, 1972.
Steven Deforest Ary was born September 23, 1973.
Don later married Diane (Knapp) Zehner on 1990.