Sadie E. "Sarah" (Russell) Ary

Born March 13, 1876
Married to Thomas S. Ary on Dec. 4, 1893
Married 3-5 Times
Died 1967

Sadie Ary was a homemaker.


Photo taken at a family reunion circa 1980.

 Grandchildren of Thomas & Sarah
Great Granchildren of Thomas & Sarah

Great Great Grandchildren of Thomas & Sarah

Louisa "Lula"
Born 5/6/1895
Married Clarence Allen (born 10/13/1884 in Pt. Pleasant, WV; died of Black Lung disease 8/25/1945 in Evansville; buried at Locust Hill Cemetary in Evansville, IN) on 9/10/1910 in Old Sharneetown, IL.
Died on 1/1983 in Evansville, Indiana


Ellen Louise
born 2/18/1911 in New Haven, IL. Married James M. Pemberton (died 9/28/1942) on 6/9/1933. Then married Panter C. Polland (died 2/1972) on 3/16/1955 (Divorced 1/12/1968). Later married William Charles Belote (died 5/6/1976) on 1/13/1968.
No Children from any marriage.

Helen Lucille born 9/5/1913 in New Haven, IL. Died in 11/25/1919

Glenie Niomia
born 10/20/1915. Married Paul Whitehouse. Then married George. Then marrried John Schonelaub.

Had Regina by Paul born 10/7/1926. Married Paul David Zuber (born 7/18/1926) on 12/2/1950.
Children of Paul & Regina Zuber were:

Paula Jean born 9/19/1951. An invalid from birth. Died before Regina.

Connie Elaine born 11/9/1952

David Allen born 4/23/1957. Married 3/25/1981 to Erike Jean.

Judy Ann born 7/8/1959. Married Melissa Dawn De Vaiser on 1/7/1979

Michael Glenn born 3/17/1961. Married Tiffany Nichole on 3/3/1980.

Larry Joe born 11/11/1963

Georgie Raymond

Julia Ann
Born 7/11/1898
Married Allison Woolf in Mt. Vernon, IN on 10/31/1915


Violet Louise born 12/29/1916 in Calhoun GA. Married Charles A. Grigsby (b. 2/14/1912 Logan OH, d. 1/9/92 Logansport IN)
June 30, 1933, Columbus OH, Divorced 1956. Later married Russell A. Richardson (b. 12/10/1902, d. 1/15/1992, Logansport IN) Jan 2, 1967.
Later married Richard Wendt (b. 7/17/1927 Logansport IN) on May 29, 1997.
Children from Charles Grigsby:

June Violet born Apr 6, 1936, Columbus OH. Married James O. McCoy (b. 4/18/33 Gas City IN) Aug. 12, 1954

Dennis James, b. 8/24/55 St. Paul MN
Rebecca Louise, b. 12/30/58 Des Moines IA
Everett Allen, b. 11/21/63, Des Moines IA
Esther Jane, b. 4/30/67, Cedar Rapids IA

Harold Stanley born May 5, 1938, Columbus OH married
Nancy Kay Provens (b.6/23/38, Columbus OH, d. 2/08/96, Logansport IN) July 5, 1957 Long Beach CA.
He later married Hilda May Catharine Mitchell (b. 6/27/43, Newfoundland Canada) on April 9, 1996 in Logansport IN
Children from Nancy Kay Provens marriage:

Harold Stanley, Jr., b. 8/1/58
Cynthia Kay, b. 5/14/61
Steven Charles, b. 3/30/64
David Lee, b. 10/10/65

William married Marrainne. Died of Cancer.

Leander married Edna.

Jean married Brady Calvert.

McKinley "Mack"

Born 9/15/1900
Married Emma Busby on 2/2/1922 in Mt. Vernon.
McKinly Later married Mary Watson
Died 8/5/1991 in Evansville

Children by Emma Busby:

McKinley Jr. born 1/19/1923 in Eldorado, IL. Married Charis Low Miller (born 8/13/1924 in Evansville, IN) on 6/12/1946.

Thomas Duane on 8/2/1953 in Louisville, KY. Married Susan Carrol Price on 8/3/1974.

Christopher Ryan born 5/11/1979 in Evansville, Indiana

Nicole Michelle born 11/3/1981 in Evansville, Indiana

Richard Wayne on 10/6/1957 in Woodstock, IL. Married Dawn Elane on 7/23/1977.

T.S. born 3/30/1924 in Eldorado, IL. Married Martha Metz on 12/23/1945

David Metz born 6/10/1947 in Jacksonville, FL

Charles Daniel born 6/9/1928 in Eldorado, IL. Married Alice De Graaf (born 12/18/1927 in Hanford, CA) on 8/17/1950 in Owensboro, KY.

James Alfred born 12/21/1931 in Eldorado, IL. Married Patricia Ann (born 10/8/1934 in Louisville, KY) on 6/16/1956 on an Air Force Base in TX.

James Michael born 4/2/1957 in Texas.

Teresa Ann born 4/18/1960 in Orlando, FL.

Mary Elizabeth born 6/10/1963 in Edwards AFB, CA.

Michelle born 5/11/1972 in Alexandra, VA.

Rosa Lee
Born 9/19/1902
Married William Browning on 3/14/1919 in Mt. Vernon, IN
Later married Thomas Lee Martin Jr. (born 9/9/1905, father was Thomas Martim, mother was May Elliot) on 12/16/1935.
Died of Alzeimers in McCurdy Nursing Home in Evansville, IN

Clarence Rosevelt
Born 10/27/1906 in Shawneetown, IL
Married Anna Shusta (born 4/6/1911 in Austria, Hungary; father Daniel Shusta, mother Anna Serdynsky) on 3/22/1929 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Anna was a Communist. Clarence was a furniture machinist.

Mailyn Jane born 10/6/1930 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Jerry Donald born 1/31/1933 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Lois Jane Waltz (born 10/5/1931, father Louis A. Walz, mother Stephanie Heuschele) on 6/14/1952

Mary Stephanie born 10/23/1952 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Dennis Heuschele (born 3/26/1951 in Grand Rapids, MI; father Fred Heuschele, mother Ollie Hockey) on 2/5/1971.

Deborah Louise born 9/23/1971 in Grand Rapids, MI

Dawn born 7/5/1974 in Grand Rapids, MI

Denise born 1/24/1979 in Grand Rapids, MI

Donald Frederick born 8/17/1980 in Grand Rapids, MI

Robert Paul born 7/5/954 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Kathy Snanski (born 2/24/1955, mother Dianna Cross) on 3/6/1975 in Grand Rapids.

Jennifer born 7/10/1975 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Crystal born 6/3/1979 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Janet Ann born 8/15/1956 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Jeffery Leonard (born 6/8/1960 in Grand Rapids) on 10/3/1981.

Melissa born 8/28/1979

Nancy Jane born 3/29/1959 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Patrick Joseph born 11/7/1960 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Michael Joseph born 5/4/1963 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Judith Gean born 4/14/1944 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Ray Harry Mikulski (born 7/23/39 in Grand Rapids; Claims Analyst, father Harry Mikulski, mother Sophie Sypniewski) on 5/23/1964 in Grand Rapids.

Christine Ann born 2/15/1965 in Grand Rapids, MI

Lynn Marie born 11/24/1968 in Grand Rapids, MI

Thomas Leroy
Born 10/30/1907 in Shawneetown, IL
Married Bertha Caroline Fagerland on 12/8/1928 in Bremerton, Washington. Divorced 11/4/1935.
Married June Moretto (born 4/18/1918 in Herrin, Illinois; first married James P. Sandefur father John Green Moretto; mother Norma Elizabeth Schimmell)
Served in the US Navy.
Died March 4, 1986 in San Diego, California.

Children from Bertha Fagerland:

Thomas Leroy Jr. born 7/19/1930 in Seattle, WA. Married Barbara Lee Hatcher (born 6/22/1931 in Everett, WA) on 12/17/1949 in Everett, WA.

Mary Kathaleen born 4/8/1951. Married Gregory Day Geer (Chiropractor, born 5/21/1950, father Merle L. Geer) on 5/16/1970 in Edmonds, WA.

Bridget Kristen born 10/4/1973

Kristen Dawn born 6/2/1976

Scott Lee Elton born 8/19/1953 in Vancouver, WA. Married Cindyann Elliott (born 1/6/1955 in Indiana; father Jack Stanley Elliott; mother Margarie Elva Garcia) on 7/11/1976 in Placentia, CA. Communications Consultant. Later married Bain.
Children from Cindyann:

Nichol Margette born 1/21/1977 in Westminster, CA

Scott Lee Elton, Jr. born 7/17/1979 in Huntingon Beach, CA

Thomas Lynn born 4/25/1956. Married Patricia Jean Wellington (photographer) on 5/10/1981 in Laguna Beach, CA. Commercial Artist.

Alexia born 11/23/1982

Children of June Moretto:

Michael Bruce born 6/30/1941 in Long Beach, CA. Married Delores D. Berry (born 5/24/1937) on 12/1961 in Holtville, CA. Later married Norma Tagaban Valdez. Appriaser and Real Estate Broker.
Children from Delores:

Micheallio Babbett born 9/3/1962 in Salinas, CA. Married Allen Dean Marler (born 1/22/1961 in Sacramento, CA; father Bryan Marlor; mother Imojean T. Hopkins) on 6/22/1980 in Reno, NV.

Brandie Rose born 12/21/1981

Bryan Allen born 4/18/1983

Toyzonna Leandra born 7/19/1943 in Bremerton, WA. Died 7/21/1943.

Steven Philip born 2/21/1945 in Louisville, KY. Married Toni Sherry Moore (born 8/2/1947 in Marion, VA; father Edward Eugene Moore; mother mause Latitia Parris) on 6/4/1965 in Rising Sun, MD. Served in the US Navy. Was a prison guard in Greaterford, PA and was killed in a prison riot on 9/16/1973. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetary in San Diego, CA.

Steven Philip Jr. born 12/19/1965 in Bainbridge, MD. Served in US Army.

Thomas Ray born 10/30/1967 in Elkton, MD. Died 2/28/1985 in Indiana due to a car accident.

Sean Tracy born 9/9/1970 in Aberdeen, MD

Tomar Justin born 7/16/1973 in Norristown, PA

Brock Leander born 6/2/1947 in Oakland, CA. Married Judith Ann Hazeltine (born 9/25/1949 in Fresno, CA; secretary; father Ted Durant Hazeltine; mother Patsy Ruth Weaver) on 11/3/1973 in Las Vegas, NV. Computer Progammer.

Matti Marie

Born 10/5/1909 in Shawneetown, IL
Married John Wesley Galloway on 6/24/1923
Later Married Charles Emmet Marlin (born 9/3/1895 in Henderson, KY; died 1981 in Evansville, IN; father Edward L. Marlin; mother Mary Margaret Funk).

Children by John Galloway:

John Wesley born 1/11/1924 in Evansville, IN. Died 7/1984 in Sarasota, FL. Married Mary Haskins, Edith Ramey, then Julia.

Children from Mary Haskins:


Children from Edith Ramey:

Kim Welch

James Clarence born 3/1/1925 in Evansville, IN. Married Patricia Moore. Later married Betty Margaret Waibert (born 3/25/1929 in Evansville; father Asa August Weibert; Rhoda Alice Kell) on 4/14/1947.

Children from Patricia Moore:

Constance Elaine born 6/6/1946. Married Edward Toone.

Children from Betty Margaret:

Rozeeta Maria born 1/28/1948 in Evansville, IN. Married Jimmy Wayne (born 2/10/1949 in Evansville, salesman; died 12/1979; father Eldred Mercer; mother Margarette) Mercer on 5/31/1966 in Evansville, IN.

Christina D. born 12/9/1967

Troy Wayne born 3/22/1968

Michael Renee born 6/22/1971

Brenda Kaye born 1/22/1950 in Evansville, IN. Married Harlan Walter Metzger (born 3/3/1948 in Evansville; father Hendrix W. Metzger; mother Mary J. Seib; asphalt contractor) on 12/5/1969 in Evansville. Realtor.

Amy Leigh born 10/13/1975

Heath William born 9/16/1976 in Evansville, IN

Timothy Walter born 7/24/1979 in Evansville, IN

Betty Kathaleen born 12/17/1950 in Evansville, IN. Married John W. Whitsell (born 6/8/1945 in Evansville; mechanic; father Presley Whitsell; mother Mable Alsop) on 6/22/1975 in Newburgh, IN. Cashier. Also married George Minton, then Tony Stevens.

Adam C. born 1/22/1970

Lesley Lynn born 12/12/1976

James Keith born 1/12/1952 in Evansville, IN

John Randall born 11/16/1956 in Evansville, IN. Married Judith Faith Woodward (born 12/15/1959 in Cookewood, MO; secretary; father Leroy Woodward; mother Laveda Martin) on 6/23/1979 in Evansville. Electrician.

Erin Melissa born 2/20/1981 in Evansville

Sheri Joe born 3/24/1961 in Evansville, IN. Married Rodney Puckett (born 7/12/1960 in Henderson, KY; father Chester L. Puckett; mother Ann M. Andrews) on 11/24/1976 in Henderson, KY.

Joshua born 4/2/1977 in Evansville, IN

Jeremiah born 6/1/1978 in Asheville, NC

Jody born 6/1/1978 in Asheville, NC. Died 10/24/1978 in Woodland, NC.

Jacob born 1/16/1981 in Henderson, KY.

Tammy Lynn born 3/16/1964 in Evansville, IN. Married James E. Malin (born 12/6/1961 in Kingsburg, MO; father Robert Earl Malin; mother Mildred Williams; roofer) on 5/9/1980 in Evansville, IN.

Blair R. born 5/30/1981

Rosita born in 1926 in Evansville. Died at 3 days old. Buried in Martinville, IN.

Mary Ellen
Born 7/24/1912 in Shawneetown, IL
Married Milburn Glore Sr. (born 10/17/1905 in Marion, KY; machine operator; died 8/3/1987; buried in Memorial Park Cemetery; father Milburn Glore; mother Cordillia Ferrel) on 7/5/1930

Milburn Dewey born 7/2/1931 in Evansville, IN. Married to Martha S. Hotzclaw (born 5/22/1935 in Emma, IL; father Martin; mother Mildred A. Tower; secretary) on 1/9/1957. Milburn was a Post Office Clerk.

Mark Kevin born 4/7/1958 in Carmi, IL.

Michael Dean born 5/14/1959 in Indianapolis, IN. Married Colleen on 8/1/1981.

Linsay born 1982 in Indianapolis, IN.

Matthew Allen born 7/30/1961 in Indianapolis, IN

Mary Ellen "Little Mary Ellen" born 10/4/1932 in Evansville. Married Floyd Gardner (born March 17, 1925 in Dixon KY; father Oscar Gardner; mother Eva Leela Jackson) on 4/26/1952 in Evansville, IN.

Douglas Lee born 12/16/1953 in Evansville, IN. Married Elaine Ann Stone on 4/28/19??

Marinda Ann born 7/24/19?? in Evansville, IN

Eric born 3/15/19?? in Evansville

Richard Eugene born 10/11/1955 in Evansville, IN.

Richard Dean born 11/11/1946 in Evansville, IN. Died the same day.

Sandra Kay born 10/13/1949 in Evansville, IN. Married Kenneth Ray Bailey (tool & die maker; born 3/20/1948 in Evansville; father Glendal Bailey; mother Vivian Hancock) on 8/26/1967 in Evansville, IN.

Kenneth Ray Jr. born 6/23/1968 in Evansville, IN.

Randy Eugene born 6/28/1971 in Evansville, IN.

Vivian Melvia

Born 11/28/1914 in Evansville, IN.
Married Clem Douglas "Clint" McLean on 1/17/1931
Later married Chester Cole.
Married Walton"Walt" Hillyard
Welder at Servel.
Died of Lung Cancer.

Children from Clem Douglas McLean:

Ellen Lucille born 8/10/1931 in Evansville, IN. Married Jerry Lee Collier (x-ray technician, father Arnold Collier; mother Caroline) on 7/11/1953. She was a nurse.

Richard Lee born 6/8/1954 in Evansville, IN

Phillip Linn born 10/23/1958 in Evansville, IN.

Lorene Sarah

Born 1/6/1917 in Calhoun, GA
Married James F. Loge (born 3/14/1914 in Boonville, IN; died 2/29/1964; buried in Maple Grove Cemetery; father Morris Loge; mother Nevada Graham) on 9/2/1935

James "Jim" Randall born 10/1/1946 in Evansville. Married Beverly Brinkman (bank employee; born 12/4/1946 in Evansville, IN; father Worth Brinkman; mother Pauline K. Mescher) on 9/9/1967. Jim is a social studies teacher. They later divorced.

Fredrick Lester

John Deforest