Thomas S. Ary

Born July 12, 1862
Married January 31, 1885 to Becky "Sidona" (Man) Ary (had 6 sons from this marriage- one died at age 2, one was killed at age 24, one was shot beween Shawneetown and New Haven, Becky died in childbirth)
Married December 4, 1893 to Sadie E. "Sarah" (Russell) Ary after Becky died.
Died June 4, 1933. Buried in Park Lawn Cemetary in Evansville, Indiana

Thomas Ary owned and operated a sawmill. He then rented out buggies in a stable in Carmi, Illinois. Then he worked in a furniture factory in Evansville. Then he worked on the construction of the twin bridges between Evansville, IN and Henderson, KY where he fell and was crippled. He could still get around, but couldn't work, except for odd jobs.

One time, Tom (Thomas' son) came home from the Navy and bought Thomas a Model T Ford and when Thomas drove it home and into the garage, he was used to saying "whoa!" to the horse team to stop, and he tried it with the car, but it did not work. He drove the car through the front wall of the garage! :)

Children (from Marriage to Sadie):

Photo taken at a family reunion circa 1980.

 Grandchildren of Thomas & Sarah
Great Granchildren of Thomas & Sarah

Great Great Grandchildren of Thomas & Sarah

Louisa "Lula"
Born 5/6/1895
Married Clarence Allen (born 10/13/1884 in Pt. Pleasant, WV; died of Black Lung disease 8/25/1945 in Evansville; buried at Locust Hill Cemetary in Evansville, IN) on 9/10/1910 in Old Sharneetown, IL.
Died on 1/1983 in Evansville, Indiana


Ellen Louise
born 2/18/1911 in New Haven, IL. Married James M. Pemberton (died 9/28/1942) on 6/9/1933. Then married Panter C. Polland (died 2/1972) on 3/16/1955 (Divorced 1/12/1968). Later married William Charles Belote (died 5/6/1976) on 1/13/1968.
No Children from any marriage.

Helen Lucille born 9/5/1913 in New Haven, IL. Died in 11/25/1919

Glenie Niomia
born 10/20/1915. Married Paul Whitehouse. Then married George. Then marrried John Schonelaub.

Had Regina by Paul born 10/7/1926. Married Paul David Zuber (born 7/18/1926) on 12/2/1950.
Children of Paul & Regina Zuber were:

Paula Jean born 9/19/1951. An invalid from birth. Died before Regina.

Connie Elaine born 11/9/1952

David Allen born 4/23/1957. Married 3/25/1981 to Erike Jean.

Judy Ann born 7/8/1959. Married Melissa Dawn De Vaiser on 1/7/1979

Michael Glenn born 3/17/1961. Married Tiffany Nichole on 3/3/1980.

Larry Joe born 11/11/1963

Georgie Raymond

Julia Ann
Born 7/11/1898
Married Allison Woolf in Mt. Vernon, IN on 10/31/1915


Violet Louise born 12/29/1916 in Calhoun GA. Married Charles A. Grigsby (b. 2/14/1912 Logan OH, d. 1/9/92 Logansport IN)
June 30, 1933, Columbus OH, Divorced 1956. Later married Russell A. Richardson (b. 12/10/1902, d. 1/15/1992, Logansport IN) Jan 2, 1967.
Later married Richard Wendt (b. 7/17/1927 Logansport IN) on May 29, 1997.
Children from Charles Grigsby:

June Violet born Apr 6, 1936, Columbus OH. Married James O. McCoy (b. 4/18/33 Gas City IN) Aug. 12, 1954

Dennis James, b. 8/24/55 St. Paul MN
Rebecca Louise, b. 12/30/58 Des Moines IA
Everett Allen, b. 11/21/63, Des Moines IA
Esther Jane, b. 4/30/67, Cedar Rapids IA

Harold Stanley born May 5, 1938, Columbus OH married
Nancy Kay Provens (b.6/23/38, Columbus OH, d. 2/08/96, Logansport IN) July 5, 1957 Long Beach CA.
He later married Hilda May Catharine Mitchell (b. 6/27/43, Newfoundland Canada) on April 9, 1996 in Logansport IN
Children from Nancy Kay Provens marriage:

Harold Stanley, Jr., b. 8/1/58
Cynthia Kay, b. 5/14/61
Steven Charles, b. 3/30/64
David Lee, b. 10/10/65

William married Marrainne. Died of Cancer.

Leander married Edna.

Jean married Brady Calvert.

McKinley "Mack"

Born 9/15/1900
Married Emma Busby on 2/2/1922 in Mt. Vernon.
McKinly Later married Mary Watson
Died 8/5/1991 in Evansville

Children by Emma Busby:

McKinley Jr. born 1/19/1923 in Eldorado, IL. Married Charis Low Miller (born 8/13/1924 in Evansville, IN) on 6/12/1946.

Thomas Duane on 8/2/1953 in Louisville, KY. Married Susan Carrol Price on 8/3/1974.

Christopher Ryan born 5/11/1979 in Evansville, Indiana

Nicole Michelle born 11/3/1981 in Evansville, Indiana

Richard Wayne on 10/6/1957 in Woodstock, IL. Married Dawn Elane on 7/23/1977.

T.S. born 3/30/1924 in Eldorado, IL. Married Martha Metz on 12/23/1945

David Metz born 6/10/1947 in Jacksonville, FL

Charles Daniel born 6/9/1928 in Eldorado, IL. Married Alice De Graaf (born 12/18/1927 in Hanford, CA) on 8/17/1950 in Owensboro, KY.

James Alfred born 12/21/1931 in Eldorado, IL. Married Patricia Ann (born 10/8/1934 in Louisville, KY) on 6/16/1956 on an Air Force Base in TX.

James Michael born 4/2/1957 in Texas.

Teresa Ann born 4/18/1960 in Orlando, FL.

Mary Elizabeth born 6/10/1963 in Edwards AFB, CA.

Michelle born 5/11/1972 in Alexandra, VA.

Rosa Lee
Born 9/19/1902
Married William Browning on 3/14/1919 in Mt. Vernon, IN
Later married Thomas Lee Martin Jr. (born 9/9/1905, father was Thomas Martim, mother was May Elliot) on 12/16/1935.
Died of Alzeimers in McCurdy Nursing Home in Evansville, IN

Clarence Rosevelt
Born 10/27/1906 in Shawneetown, IL
Married Anna Shusta (born 4/6/1911 in Austria, Hungary; father Daniel Shusta, mother Anna Serdynsky) on 3/22/1929 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Anna was a Communist. Clarence was a furniture machinist.

Mailyn Jane born 10/6/1930 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Jerry Donald born 1/31/1933 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Lois Jane Waltz (born 10/5/1931, father Louis A. Walz, mother Stephanie Heuschele) on 6/14/1952

Mary Stephanie born 10/23/1952 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Dennis Heuschele (born 3/26/1951 in Grand Rapids, MI; father Fred Heuschele, mother Ollie Hockey) on 2/5/1971.

Deborah Louise born 9/23/1971 in Grand Rapids, MI

Dawn born 7/5/1974 in Grand Rapids, MI

Denise born 1/24/1979 in Grand Rapids, MI

Donald Frederick born 8/17/1980 in Grand Rapids, MI

Robert Paul born 7/5/954 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Kathy Snanski (born 2/24/1955, mother Dianna Cross) on 3/6/1975 in Grand Rapids.

Jennifer born 7/10/1975 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Crystal born 6/3/1979 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Janet Ann born 8/15/1956 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Jeffery Leonard (born 6/8/1960 in Grand Rapids) on 10/3/1981.

Melissa born 8/28/1979

Nancy Jane born 3/29/1959 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Patrick Joseph born 11/7/1960 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Michael Joseph born 5/4/1963 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Judith Gean born 4/14/1944 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Ray Harry Mikulski (born 7/23/39 in Grand Rapids; Claims Analyst, father Harry Mikulski, mother Sophie Sypniewski) on 5/23/1964 in Grand Rapids.

Christine Ann born 2/15/1965 in Grand Rapids, MI

Lynn Marie born 11/24/1968 in Grand Rapids, MI

Thomas Leroy
Born 10/30/1907 in Shawneetown, IL
Married Bertha Caroline Fagerland on 12/8/1928 in Bremerton, Washington. Divorced 11/4/1935.
Married June Moretto (born 4/18/1918 in Herrin, Illinois; first married James P. Sandefur father John Green Moretto; mother Norma Elizabeth Schimmell)
Served in the US Navy.
Died March 4, 1986 in San Diego, California.

Children from Bertha Fagerland:

Thomas Leroy Jr. born 7/19/1930 in Seattle, WA. Married Barbara Lee Hatcher (born 6/22/1931 in Everett, WA) on 12/17/1949 in Everett, WA.

Mary Kathaleen born 4/8/1951. Married Gregory Day Geer (Chiropractor, born 5/21/1950, father Merle L. Geer) on 5/16/1970 in Edmonds, WA.

Bridget Kristen born 10/4/1973

Kristen Dawn born 6/2/1976

Scott Lee Elton born 8/19/1953 in Vancouver, WA. Married Cindyann Elliott (born 1/6/1955 in Indiana; father Jack Stanley Elliott; mother Margarie Elva Garcia) on 7/11/1976 in Placentia, CA. Communications Consultant. Later married Bain.
Children from Cindyann:

Nichol Margette born 1/21/1977 in Westminster, CA

Scott Lee Elton, Jr. born 7/17/1979 in Huntingon Beach, CA

Thomas Lynn born 4/25/1956. Married Patricia Jean Wellington (photographer) on 5/10/1981 in Laguna Beach, CA. Commercial Artist.

Alexia born 11/23/1982

Children of June Moretto:

Michael Bruce born 6/30/1941 in Long Beach, CA. Married Delores D. Berry (born 5/24/1937) on 12/1961 in Holtville, CA. Later married Norma Tagaban Valdez. Appriaser and Real Estate Broker.
Children from Delores:

Micheallio Babbett born 9/3/1962 in Salinas, CA. Married Allen Dean Marler (born 1/22/1961 in Sacramento, CA; father Bryan Marlor; mother Imojean T. Hopkins) on 6/22/1980 in Reno, NV.

Brandie Rose born 12/21/1981

Bryan Allen born 4/18/1983

Toyzonna Leandra born 7/19/1943 in Bremerton, WA. Died 7/21/1943.

Steven Philip born 2/21/1945 in Louisville, KY. Married Toni Sherry Moore (born 8/2/1947 in Marion, VA; father Edward Eugene Moore; mother mause Latitia Parris) on 6/4/1965 in Rising Sun, MD. Served in the US Navy. Was a prison guard in Greaterford, PA and was killed in a prison riot on 9/16/1973. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetary in San Diego, CA.

Steven Philip Jr. born 12/19/1965 in Bainbridge, MD. Served in US Army.

Thomas Ray born 10/30/1967 in Elkton, MD. Died 2/28/1985 in Indiana due to a car accident.

Sean Tracy born 9/9/1970 in Aberdeen, MD

Tomar Justin born 7/16/1973 in Norristown, PA

Brock Leander born 6/2/1947 in Oakland, CA. Married Judith Ann Hazeltine (born 9/25/1949 in Fresno, CA; secretary; father Ted Durant Hazeltine; mother Patsy Ruth Weaver) on 11/3/1973 in Las Vegas, NV. Computer Progammer.

Matti Marie

Born 10/5/1909 in Shawneetown, IL
Married John Wesley Galloway on 6/24/1923
Later Married Charles Emmet Marlin (born 9/3/1895 in Henderson, KY; died 1981 in Evansville, IN; father Edward L. Marlin; mother Mary Margaret Funk).

Children by John Galloway:

John Wesley born 1/11/1924 in Evansville, IN. Died 7/1984 in Sarasota, FL. Married Mary Haskins, Edith Ramey, then Julia.

Children from Mary Haskins:


Children from Edith Ramey:

Kim Welch

James Clarence born 3/1/1925 in Evansville, IN. Married Patricia Moore. Later married Betty Margaret Waibert (born 3/25/1929 in Evansville; father Asa August Weibert; Rhoda Alice Kell) on 4/14/1947.

Children from Patricia Moore:

Constance Elaine born 6/6/1946. Married Edward Toone.

Children from Betty Margaret:

Rozeeta Maria born 1/28/1948 in Evansville, IN. Married Jimmy Wayne (born 2/10/1949 in Evansville, salesman; died 12/1979; father Eldred Mercer; mother Margarette) Mercer on 5/31/1966 in Evansville, IN.

Christina D. born 12/9/1967

Troy Wayne born 3/22/1968

Michael Renee born 6/22/1971

Brenda Kaye born 1/22/1950 in Evansville, IN. Married Harlan Walter Metzger (born 3/3/1948 in Evansville; father Hendrix W. Metzger; mother Mary J. Seib; asphalt contractor) on 12/5/1969 in Evansville. Realtor.

Amy Leigh born 10/13/1975

Heath William born 9/16/1976 in Evansville, IN

Timothy Walter born 7/24/1979 in Evansville, IN

Betty Kathaleen born 12/17/1950 in Evansville, IN. Married John W. Whitsell (born 6/8/1945 in Evansville; mechanic; father Presley Whitsell; mother Mable Alsop) on 6/22/1975 in Newburgh, IN. Cashier. Also married George Minton, then Tony Stevens.

Adam C. born 1/22/1970

Lesley Lynn born 12/12/1976

James Keith born 1/12/1952 in Evansville, IN

John Randall born 11/16/1956 in Evansville, IN. Married Judith Faith Woodward (born 12/15/1959 in Cookewood, MO; secretary; father Leroy Woodward; mother Laveda Martin) on 6/23/1979 in Evansville. Electrician.

Erin Melissa born 2/20/1981 in Evansville

Sheri Joe born 3/24/1961 in Evansville, IN. Married Rodney Puckett (born 7/12/1960 in Henderson, KY; father Chester L. Puckett; mother Ann M. Andrews) on 11/24/1976 in Henderson, KY.

Joshua born 4/2/1977 in Evansville, IN

Jeremiah born 6/1/1978 in Asheville, NC

Jody born 6/1/1978 in Asheville, NC. Died 10/24/1978 in Woodland, NC.

Jacob born 1/16/1981 in Henderson, KY.

Tammy Lynn born 3/16/1964 in Evansville, IN. Married James E. Malin (born 12/6/1961 in Kingsburg, MO; father Robert Earl Malin; mother Mildred Williams; roofer) on 5/9/1980 in Evansville, IN.

Blair R. born 5/30/1981

Rosita born in 1926 in Evansville. Died at 3 days old. Buried in Martinville, IN.

Mary Ellen
Born 7/24/1912 in Shawneetown, IL
Married Milburn Glore Sr. (born 10/17/1905 in Marion, KY; machine operator; died 8/3/1987; buried in Memorial Park Cemetery; father Milburn Glore; mother Cordillia Ferrel) on 7/5/1930

Milburn Dewey born 7/2/1931 in Evansville, IN. Married to Martha S. Hotzclaw (born 5/22/1935 in Emma, IL; father Martin; mother Mildred A. Tower; secretary) on 1/9/1957. Milburn was a Post Office Clerk.

Mark Kevin born 4/7/1958 in Carmi, IL.

Michael Dean born 5/14/1959 in Indianapolis, IN. Married Colleen on 8/1/1981.

Linsay born 1982 in Indianapolis, IN.

Matthew Allen born 7/30/1961 in Indianapolis, IN

Mary Ellen "Little Mary Ellen" born 10/4/1932 in Evansville. Married Floyd Gardner (born March 17, 1925 in Dixon KY; father Oscar Gardner; mother Eva Leela Jackson) on 4/26/1952 in Evansville, IN.

Douglas Lee born 12/16/1953 in Evansville, IN. Married Elaine Ann Stone on 4/28/19??

Marinda Ann born 7/24/19?? in Evansville, IN

Eric born 3/15/19?? in Evansville

Richard Eugene born 10/11/1955 in Evansville, IN.

Richard Dean born 11/11/1946 in Evansville, IN. Died the same day.

Sandra Kay born 10/13/1949 in Evansville, IN. Married Kenneth Ray Bailey (tool & die maker; born 3/20/1948 in Evansville; father Glendal Bailey; mother Vivian Hancock) on 8/26/1967 in Evansville, IN.

Kenneth Ray Jr. born 6/23/1968 in Evansville, IN.

Randy Eugene born 6/28/1971 in Evansville, IN.

Vivian Melvia

Born 11/28/1914 in Evansville, IN.
Married Clem Douglas "Clint" McLean on 1/17/1931
Later married Chester Cole.
Married Walton"Walt" Hillyard
Welder at Servel.
Died of Lung Cancer.

Children from Clem Douglas McLean:

Ellen Lucille born 8/10/1931 in Evansville, IN. Married Jerry Lee Collier (x-ray technician, father Arnold Collier; mother Caroline) on 7/11/1953. She was a nurse.

Richard Lee born 6/8/1954 in Evansville, IN

Phillip Linn born 10/23/1958 in Evansville, IN.

Lorene Sarah

Born 1/6/1917 in Calhoun, GA
Married James F. Loge (born 3/14/1914 in Boonville, IN; died 2/29/1964; buried in Maple Grove Cemetery; father Morris Loge; mother Nevada Graham) on 9/2/1935

James "Jim" Randall born 10/1/1946 in Evansville. Married Beverly Brinkman (bank employee; born 12/4/1946 in Evansville, IN; father Worth Brinkman; mother Pauline K. Mescher) on 9/9/1967. Jim is a social studies teacher. They later divorced.

Fredrick Lester

John Deforest