David A. Bottomley
Specialties: Windows, Internet, Networking, & General IT
Web Site:
Mini Bio: David has been in the IT industry since 1994.  He has managed a dial-up Internet Service Provider, been a Systems Administrator and Network Engineer for a Wireless Internet Service Provider, designed many professional web sites, worked on thousands of computers, provided professional IT consulting services, and is now Vice President of Business Solutions at Information Technology Architects, Inc. in Evansville, Indiana.

Johnathon L. Williams
Specialties: Linux, Integration, Internet, Networking
Web Site:
Mini Bio: Johnathon started his IT career in 1996 as a night computer operator at a local newspaper.  Since then he has been a systems administrator for a small ISP, a network engineer and systems integration engineer for a fiber optic telecommunications provider where he specialized in
developing automation components, custom software development, database administration, and providing professional IT consulting. He is now an IT Account Manager for Information Technology Architects, Inc. in Evansville, Indiana.


Steven Adler
Chairman of IBM Data Governance Council
Steve joins us in Epside 9
Web Site:
Mini Bio: Steven Adler coined the term 'data governance' and pioneered the field. He is
the Chairman of the IBM Data Governance Council, an Adjunct Professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University, a member of the International Security Trust & Privacy Alliance, NASCIO Security & Privacy Committee, Carnegie Mellon Privacy Lab, NCSU Privacy Place, and the Global Forum Steering Committee.

Matt Cohen
Chief Technologist for Clareity Consulting
Matt joins us in Epside 15
Web Site:
Mini Bio: Matt consults to MLSs, Associations, brokerages, and many real estate industry software companies and has spoken at conferences, workshops and leadership retreats around the country on a wide variety of MLS-related topics. Matt is a well-regarded real estate industry expert on industry trends, software design, product management, project management, and information security.

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Episode 16- MS Ads, Chrome, Drobo
Recorded October 18, 2008
In this episode, we discuss Microsoft's $300M ad campaign, the Mojave Experiment, Microsoft's TV Ads, and their latest products.  We also discuss Google Chrome and Android, Sarah Palin's Yahoo email being hacked, Comcast's 250GB limit, the Drobo, and Seagate's new 1.5TB hard drives.

Episode 15- Real Estate Information Technology
Recorded August 9, 2008
In this episode, we talk with Matt Cohen, Chief Technologist for Clareity Consulting. Matt talks about the intricacies of IT in the real estate world, including the MLS system, CRM systems, transaction and document management, lockbox systems, and the general direction of the real estate IT world.

Episode 14- Telecom Immunity, Asterisk, Firefox 3
Recorded July 12, 2008
In this episode, we discuss telecom immunity and warrantless surveillance of US citizens, the Asterisk Voice-Over-IP phone system, Google Lively online community, the end of Windows 3.11, 1.5TB hard drives, Firefox 3, the Intel Health Guide PC, and the 3G iPhone release.

Episode 13- WM vs RIM, Borders, MS Robots
Recorded June 14, 2008
In this episode we discuss Windows Mobile vs. Blackberry (RIM), Sprint vs. Verizon, border agents looking at your data, and even seizing devices. The Supreme Court will rule on cell carries unlocking phones, and we'll discuss the new $199 pricepoint for iPods, the Ballmer Bot (Microsoft robot), IE8, and Google Health.

Episode 12- Memristor, Gas Hacks, EMI, 700
Recorded May 10, 2008
In this episode we discuss new memristor technology from HP labs, new broadband usage statistics, gas pump hacking, EMI now saying you can't even back up your music online, a major court ruling against the RIAA, and Google holding Verizon's feet to the fire with regard to keeping the 700MHz spectrum open for all devices and applications.

Episode 11- Windows 7, App Eng, Privacy, Survey
Recorded April 19, 2008
In this episode, we discuss Windows 7- the next version of Windows, Google's App Engine online development platform, Gartner's 'prediction' of the collapse of Windows, a privacy issue involding Blockbuster's sharing of data with Facebook, and the results of a US/UK Internet Survey performed by Accenture.

Episode 10- MS Mix, Web Ads, 700MHz, Android
Recorded April 5, 2008
In this episode, we discuss Microsoft's MIX 08 Keynote and Micrsoft's direction, the latest on the FCC investigation into Comcast, Web Search / Advertising and user tracking, the 700MHz Spectrum Aftermath- the winners and their plans for the spectrum, and Google Android, the base for the 'Google Phone.'

Episode 9- Data Governanace with Steven Adler
Recorded March 28, 2008
In this episode, we have guest Steven Adler, Chairman of IBM's Data Governance Council on the show to discuss data governance challenges and solutions for corporations who are constantly dealing with data creep and data security issues. Steven Adler coined the term data governance and pioneered the field.

Episode 8- Flat Mobile, StreetView, Youtube Down
Recorded March 8, 2008
In this episode, we discuss the new flat rate mobile plans announced by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint. We also discuss the need for proper A records in DNS, Microsoft's fine from the EU, Google StreetView, Google personal health records / Microsoft HealthVault, and the global Youtube outage caused by a Pakistani ISP.

Episode 7- MS/Yahoo, Analog Cell, Broadband
Recorded February 23, 2008
In this episode, we discuss Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo, Comcast's statement, the end of analog cellular service, the death of HD-DVD, an employee fired for posting a Dilbert cartoon, and we compare popular broadband Internet options.

Episode 6- Mac Attack, Fiber Cuts, Software Picks
Recorded February 8, 2008
In this episode, we discuss new Mac vulnerabilities, remote check deposit, RIAA's new idea: anti-virus programs that spy on you. We also discuss the fiber optics and fiber optic cuts. We also give you some of our software picks for IM, email, news, gadgets, mp3s.

Episode 5 - Smartpen, ISP Filters, Web Browsers
Recorded February 2, 2008
In this episode, we discuss the Smartpen from Lightscribe, U2 Manager Paul McGuinness' comments about ISP filtering, the FCC's investigation of Comcast's blocking practices, the latest from the EU court / Pirate Bay and we compare web browsers.

Episode 4 - ISP Usage Caps, P2P File Sharing
Recorded January 26, 2008
In this episode, we discuss Time Warner's proposal to limit their customers' bandwidth, hacker group Anonymous' attack on Scientology, and peer to peer file sharing, including bit-torrent, the RIAA / MPAA and Pirate Bay.

Episode 3 - Blu-ray, HD-DVD, Cloud Computing
Recorded January 19, 2008
In this episode, we discuss the HD content war including Blu-ray, HD-DVD, and the latest news from Warner Bros and Fox, as well as Internet options for HD content. We also discuss Cloud Computing options from Google and Microsoft.

Episode 2 - CES, DRM, Tech & Workplace Trends
Recorded January 11, 2008
In this episode, we discuss Bill Gates' last CES Keynote speech and his predictions for the next decade. We then discuss the Death of DRM, tech trends to keep an eye on in 2008, and different workplace environments and productivity.

Episode 1 - Welcome!
Recorded January 5, 2008
Welcome to the first episode of Techcast Today! We discuss the IT backgrounds of your hosts, David Bottomley and Johnathon Williams. We also talk about the purpose of the podcast, and our top 3 picks for consumer operating systems.

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