George Taylor Redman

Birth: 17 MAR 1868
Married: September 2, 1891 to Mary Elizabeth Clarkson
Died December 26, 1938. Buried in Black's Cemetary in Mount Vernon, Indiana.

Their children attended Prairie School. The family attended PrairieChurch.
The school burned in 1926 and the flood of 1937 destroyed it.

George & Mary Redman Family


Born 1892
Married Dennis Fordice

Audrie who married Burr and moved to Litton, Indiana

Born OCT 1892 in Black Twp. Posey Co. IN
Died 1893


Born 3 FEB 1895; Died 1972
Married Lena West
See Tombstone

Ruth married Bill King- lived in Mt. Vernon
Erma married Raymond King- lives in Mt. Vernon
Melvin (drowned in Ohio River) See Tombstone
Margie married Kenneth Trebaun? moved to Murray, Kentucky, Librarian, built new house on farm, he died
Emma Lou married ? Goldstein, sons moved to New York
Mary Anna married ? and moved to Marion, Illionois
Serena, moved to San Antonio, Texas (used to chase away "rain" birds :)
(may have been more)

Iva Irene REDMAN
Born 17 NOV 1897
Died May 20, late 1990s ?
Married Benjamin Harrison Fuller in Colorado

Harrison Fuller who married Adelle ? moved to Texas, had 4 children: Lowrance, Emily, ?

Mary Jane REDMAN

Born October 30, 1898
Married Phillip Charles Schneider (Born August 22, 1889; Died April 23, 1968)
Died May 8, 1938
Had 7 Children:

Paul Phillip Schneider (b.25 Nov 1916 – d.22 Sep 1994) married: 1st wife Dorothy Ousley, 2nd Mary Gross Yates (b.4 Apr 1899 - d.12 Nov 1982) (no children)
Charles Arthur Schneider (b.9 Jan 1920 – d.29 Oct 2004) married Evelyn P. Reich (lives in Illinois on a farm)
Ervin Malcolm Schneider (b.13 Oct 1921 – 28 Nov 1994) married Mettis I.J. Weatherford (b.20 Aug 1918 – d.28 Nov 1994) (no children) (both killed by robbers from wife's family in Arizona)
Earl Otto Schneider (b.1 Sep 1923 – 3 Aug 2005) married Betty L. Woods
Mary Ruth Schneider (b.10 Jun 1925 – d.7 Nov 1990) married Earl Phillip Reich (b.27 Feb 1921 – d.31 Aug 1983) lived in Illinois
William Conrad Schneider (b.3 Sep 1927 – d.19 Jul 2005) (single, no children)
John Doerr Schneider (b.9 Apr 1929 – d.30 Jan 1999) married (divorced) C. Daphane Ogles. Children: Ronald, ?

(additional information courtesy of Monica Schneider

born 9/17/1900, died 9/24/1983
Married John Abbrederis born 3/11/1898, died 1/9/1976 (came to US from Germany when he was 11)
Children from this marriage were:

Frank J. Abbrederis, born 4/6/1921, died 2/19/2007
Frances L. Abbrederis, born 9/26/1923
Mary L. Abbrederis, born 11/13/1925
John W. Abbrederis, born 3/13/1930, died 4/22/2003
Edward E. Abbrederis, born 7/29/1932, died 2/15/2002
Alice E. Abbrederis, born 5/14/36
Robert L. Abbrederis, born 2/7/1942


Frank J. Abbrederis married Dolores C. Groszkiewicz
Children from this marriage are:
            James F. Abbrederis, born 12/25/42
James married Patricia A. Alfuth (children from this marriage:
Matthew J., Michael J., Carol P.)
Frank J. Abbrederis, Jr., born 5/6/45
Frank, Jr. married Sandra Booth (children: Lance, Derreck)
Linda S. Abbrederis, born 11/29/49
Linda married Roy J. Rhode (children from this marriage:
Jason F., born 9/5/78; Travis R., born 11/14/80; Amanda M., born 5/1/85)
Jason F. Rhode married Teara D. Backens
Amanda M. Rhode married Christopher M. Wilson

Frances L. Abbrederis married Wilbur Wieselman
Children from this marriage are:
Georgia Wieselman
     Georgia married Brian VandeVoort
John Wieselman
Christopher Wieselman
Craig Wieselman

Mary L. Abbrederis married Joseph Weinhoff
Children from this marriage are:
Charlotte Weinhoff
Dennis Weinhoff
Carol Weinhoff

John W. Abbrederis married Colleen
(Marriage ended in divorce.)
Children from this marriage are:
Janet Abbrederis
Karen Abbrederis, died 1/12/98 at age 42
John W. Abbrederis, Jr.
Sherrie Abbrederis
Deborah Abbrederis

Edward E. Abbrederis married Jeanette Jach
(Marriage ended in divorce. Edward married Shirley.)
Children of this marriage are:
Dale Abbrederis
Judith Abbrederis
Alice E. Abbrederis married Frank Kiss
Children of this marriage are:
David L. Kiss, born 5/28/61
Gloria J. Kiss, born 5/25/63
Kevin F. Kiss, born 5/5/67
Michael J. Kiss, born 5/13/69

Robert L. Abbrederis married Barbara VandeVoort
(Marriage ended in divorce.  Robert L. married Marsha)
Children of this marriage are:
Todd Abbrederis
Vicky Abbrederis
Rodney Abbrederis
Scott Abbrederis
Randy Abbrederis

(additional information courtesy of Linda Rhode

Died late 1990s
Married Zola Moit

George Elmer
Jane (Moit) Carr
Helen (Moit) Hayes

Born 1908
Died January 7, 1989
Married Oscar Lee McGinnis
See Tombstone

Eugene moved to California (died)
Mary Jane, Ohio married Halco, 2 children: Frank, Georgine.
Thomas (died)
Annie (married Paul Thompson) live in Mt. Vernon

Margaret May REDMAN

There were some other children who died while young.