Heather Nichole
(Baxter) Bottomley's

A Genealogical Record

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I have divided this page into sections representing 3 generations at a time. By clicking the down arrow under a person, you will go to the section containing their parents and grandparents. Maiden names are in parenthesis. If additional information is available on a person, their name will be hyperlinked. Individual pages may contain information about the person's life, birth, death, history, and may even contain pictures, maps, census images, or illustrations.

travels two generations back (less recent)
travels two generations forward (more recent)

Baxter Line
Bristow Line
Sellner Line
Shelton Line


Heather Nichole (Baxter) Bottomley (Generations 1-3)
Donald Ray Sellner
born 12/5/1935
died 4/2005
Donceletta (Shelton) Sellner
born 12/10/1926 in Mt. Vernon, IN

James Edward Baxter (Generations 4 & 5)
Frank Hawkins
Mary (Watkins) Hawkins 

Donna Ruth (Bristow) Baxter (Generations 4 & 5)
Shirley "Bud" Clarence Bristow
Ruth (Steele) Bristow
born 2/9/?

Donald Ray Sellner (Generations 4 & 5)
 Carl Sellner
Nellie M.
Born 12/25/?

Donceletta (Shelton) Sellner(Generations 4 & 5)
Henry Elvis Shelton
born in Arkansas
Leona Gennette (Clark) Shelton
born Mt. Vernon, IN