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My wife's ancestors can be found here.

NOTE: The most up to date Bottomley Family Tree is now located on
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This page is very much a work in progress. It is a genealogical record of my ancestors. Some roots trace back 10 generations back to Great Britain and Germany. Please note that this page only contains people who I am directly descendant from, not siblings or cousins or aunts or uncles. However, I have included the children and grandchildren of those listed where known. If you have additional information please e-mail it to david@bottomley.us

I have divided this page into sections representing 3 generations at a time. By clicking the down arrow under a person, you will go to the section containing their parents and grandparents. Maiden names are in parenthesis. If additional information is available on a person, their name will be hyperlinked. Individual pages may contain information about the person's life, birth, death, history, and may even contain pictures, maps, census images, or illustrations.

Thanks to Loretta Bottomley, Margaret Bottomley, Lana Heady, & Jay & Evelyn Ary, Vivian Morlock Taylor, Rick Greathouse, et. al. for their help with this project.

travels two generations back (less recent)
travels two generations forward (more recent)

Bottomley Line
Redman Line
Ary Line
Dixon Line

  indicates birth in Great Britain
  indicates birth in Germany
  indicates birth in Ireland
  indicates birth in France

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David Allen Bottomley (Generations 1-3)

George Wilford Bottomley (Generations 4 & 5)

James Monroe Bottomley (Generations 6 & 7)
Mary Esther ?
James Shaw
Sylvia (Randolph) Shaw

Lydia Jane (Knight) Bottomley (Generations 6 & 7)

James Knight II (Generations 8 & 9)

George C. Miller (Generations 6 & 7)


America (Naylor) Garrett (Generations 8 & 9)

Margaret May (Redman) Bottomley (Generations 4 & 5)

Edward Edwin J. Redman (Generations 6 & 7)

Margaret (Greathouse) Redman (Generations 6 & 7)

David Greathouse (Generations 8 & 9)
Elizabeth ?

Sarah (Callender) Greathouse (Generations 8 & 9)

John Greathouse(Generations 10 & 11)
Georg Mueller
Anna Sybilla (Levering) Mueller

John Simon Clarkson (Generations 6 & 7)
William Clarkson Jr.
William Clarkson Sr.

John Deforest Ary (Generations 4 & 5)

Thomas S. Ary (Generations 6 & 7)

Susannah (Dosier) Ary (Generations 8 & 9)
Daniel Dosier
Elizabeth Bertha Dosier
Adolf Von Urback
Christine Urback

Joshua Russell (Generations 6 & 7)

Mary Evelyn (Dixon) Ary (Generations 4 & 5)

William Thomas Dixon (Generations 6 & 7)

John Boone Fields (Generations 6 & 7)

Bertha (Main) Fields (Generations 6 & 7)
William Main

William Q. Dixon (Generations 8 & 9)

John Crosby Floyd(Generations 8 & 9)

Susannah (Church) Floyd (Generations 8 & 9)

Emma Eliza (Ellenor) Buchanan
Jennie (Neeley) Buchanan

Henry Bruce Floyd (Generations 10 & 11)
Mary (?) Floyd

Nancy Anne (Helm) Floyd (Generations 10 & 11)
Mary (?) Lynaugh

Reuben Pickett (Generations 10 & 11)
Elizabeth Cooke
Ida Martin
Mordecai Cooke
Elizabeth Buckner

Thomas Buchanan Sr. (Generations 10 & 11)

Henry Bruce (Generations 12 & 13)
William Bruce


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